About me

My work

I’m a Senior Product Research Manager at Credit Karma. I have more than 10 years of research experience across industry and academia, and my industry experience spans large established organizations to early-stage startups, such as Facebook/Meta, Udemy, and Reduct.Video. I collaborate with cross-functional teams to inform all phases of product development, including strategic discovery, prototype testing, and evaluation of released products. I thrive not only through mentoring and coaching my team on research projects, but helping them to unlock their superpowers and grow more broadly in their research careers.

I believe in building a stronger pipeline for aspiring researchers to enter UX and in empowering the research community to learn from each other. I have advised junior UX researchers and academic researchers transitioning into industry UX research and have been a mentor with the UXPA Mentorship Program. I have also co-organized research community events with Curiosity Tank, the San Francisco User Research Meetup Group, and Reduct.Video.


I’m Nielsen Norman Master certified with specialties in UX Research and UX Management. I have Master’s degrees in Human-Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon University, and in Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology from the University of Oxford. I did my Bachelor’s in Cognitive Science at Vassar College.