About me

My work

I’m an independent UX research consultant and coach with 13 years of research experience across industry (large, mid-level, early-stage organizations) and academia. Prior to independent consulting, I worked at Facebook, Udemy, and Reduct.Video. I coach UX research career navigation, particularly for academic researchers transitioning their skillsets into industry.

I collaborate with cross-functional teams to inform all phases of product development, including strategic discovery (needs finding, gaps identification, product-market fit), prototype testing, and evaluation of released products. I empower organizations to make decisions that are good for both users and the business.

My methodological strengths are in-depth interviewing and survey design, though I use a variety of methods to address the research questions at hand, including diary studies, contextual inquiry, statistical analysis, participatory design, experimental design, usability testing, and focus groups.

I’m also passionate about organizing research community events to enable industry researchers and research partners to learn from each other.


I’m Nielsen Norman certified with specialties in UX Research and UX Management. I have Master’s degrees in Human-Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon University, and in Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology from the University of Oxford. I did my Bachelor’s in Cognitive Science at Vassar College.